Terms & Conditions

BigDealBids.com in Topeka, Kansas is an online only auction platform. Our offices are located at 520 SE Adams St Topeka, KS 66607. Please take time to review all of the auction terms and conditions before placing your first bid on this auction site. Please do not bid if you do not accept our auction terms and conditions which are a part of this auction customer contract agreement. You will be responsible for paying for the items that you win on this online auction platform. 

INSPECTIONS: We highly recommend you inspect the items in person before placing a bid. You are welcome to visit the sellers warehouse/location to inspect an item(s). If you need more information regarding the inspection process please call us at 1-(785)-235-8059. Each seller is considered an "affiliate" of BidDealBids.com and they will have their own inspection hours and location. Please reach out to the seller for more information. 

PAYMENT: The credit card on file with your account will be automatically charged at the closing of the auction. If the payment for any reason is not made you will not be allowed to pick up your auction item(s). We require full payment be made prior to picking up your winnings. There will be late fees added to your invoice if a payment is not made within 48 hours of the auction closing. The late fees are not able to be removed once they are attached to an invoice. If you need to update your billing information or have questions regarding payment please contact us at 1-(785)-235-8059.

You are allowed to make your payment in person at the sellers warehouse. These forms of payments are allowed: cash, money orders, and all major credit cards. If your invoice total is over $2,000 we ask that you contact the seller regarding payment options. You will need to pay by the following methods: cash payment, cashier’s check, or a wire transfer. We highly recommend that you discuss payment options directly with the seller. 

If a bidder fails to pay for item(s) multiple times there will be late fees added to the invoice. It’s also possible the bidder will be blocked from the BigDealBids.com online auction platform. If a bidder who is blocked/banned creates a new account there will be additional fees and penalties. 

PICK-UP: Bidders are required to pick up their auction items within 7 days of winning the item. If items are not picked up within the 7 day period the items will be re-listed on the auction block and refunds will not be issued. The sellers are not free storage units. If storage of items is required you can discuss with the seller an option to pay for storage if that is an option.  

REMOVAL: When a bidder wins items on the BigDealBids platform the items become the property of the winning bidder (as long as a successful payment has been made). Please discuss removal terms directly with the seller. The seller is not required to load your vehicle. The seller is also not responsible for any damage caused by loading your vehicle if they decide to help. If special equipment is required to remove the items please visit with the seller directly. 

REFUNDS: Please note that item(s) which are inaccurately posted on the auction site and clearly have not been posted correctly (see example below) the winning bidder will be eligible for a refund in the form of original payment method.

Example: If an item was advertised as “factory sealed” and when the winning bidder picks the item up he/she notices the item has actually been opened or even used. A refund would be an option at that point. Please remember that all refund requests are required to be made within 48 hours of picking up your items from the sellers location. It is possible a refund can take anywhere from 4-5 business days to actually process and return to your account.  

NO REFUNDS: Please note that some items will not be eligible for refunds. There are no refunds on the following items: Factory Sealed, Brand New, and Like New items. Inspections of these items must be made in front of the seller before leaving the sellers location in order to be eligible for a refund. Once factory sealed, brand new, and like new items leave the sellers location they are no longer able to be returned for a refund.

Tax-Exempt Purchases: We are happy to work with non-profit and tax-exempt organizations. If you have a valid tax-exempt status please contact us before bidding and winning any auction items. We will need to confirm your tax status and update your account to remove the sales tax. 

Liability and Limitations: Please note that all of the terms and conditions on our site may not be altered or changed without first having written permission from the BigDealBids.com platform.